Well....Nobody likes writing this kind of thing

Kind of sad that my 1st blog post is of the "my hard drive full of my photos failed, and it was not part of any of my backups" type. But that is exactly what happened. I just started this site less than a week ago with the intention of starting to share some photos I have taken and share what I have learned or experienced while taking those photos. I just started with a gallery of some of my favorites from my time in Rome this past spring, and was getting ready to follow up with a blog post about the trip and some advice for others who may visit, with subsequent posts being about the 7 weeks my wife and I spent in Europe

Thats when I heard the funny noise, the funny noise that turned out to be my hard drive telling me it was dead...taking all of my photos from the past year to the grave along with it. At the time I was not alarmed because I was backed up...so I thought. But in reality there was no backup, that particular drive had been excluded from my backups because it used to only hold my iTunes music and movies, and since I had an iTunes Match account and movies are automatically in the cloud I did not feel the need to back that drive up. When I started using that drive for my photos I neglected to add it back to my backup strategy. Totally my fault. I have often been heard evangelizing the needs and benefits of a solid back-up plan, and I was sitting back thinking I was safe. I wasn't.

There are 2 silver linings to this cloud though. First, I have been taught a very tough lesson about the importance of periodically checking that my backup plan is complete and functioning as intended. Second, for some reason when I was importing the 5500 photos I took in Europe of the course of our 7 week trip I did not re-format the SD cards, so they are all still in tact. I will have to go and make my picks and re-edit, but that is really minor considering they could have all been gone. So I'm starting over with those and I will be getting back to adding new items here very soon.

PS: Yes I know I can send the hard drive out for recovery...but not sure if I can afford the $$$$ that it will cost.