New Time Lapse, New Lessons Learned

A couple months ago I set out to create a time lapse of local Long Beach artist Copeland Holt aka: Van Bro painting a mural. So over the course of 5 days I set up and shot a total of ~9500 frames, from high-noon into the evening, and breaks in between. I had never done a sequence this long with this much variation of the lighting, needless to say after compiling the sequence I learned A LOT. There are a few abrupt noticeable shifts in white-balance, and exposure, I tried to smooth them out the best I could. Like I said, I learned a lot.  

Speedy Set-Up

A couple weeks ago I was invited to cover the performance of Othello by Shakespeare by the Sea, It was a grand show with about 350 people in attendance. I made this little movie showing all the work that goes into the stage setup alone, they set up the stage themselves and still have the energy needed to don their costumes and give us a great show.