My Grandpas Old Camera

As a child, I remember my grandfather always taking photos. I was always fascinated with the cameras from a mechanical point of view, they were always just so neat to me, heavy and full of buttons and knobs to fiddle with. I loved looking through the viewfinder, zooming in ant out. But I knew nothing of how they really worked. It wasn't until I was older, when I got to use some of his equipment as a teenager while I was in high school, that I realized that I really enjoyed photography. For the 1st time in my life I felt I had some kind of an artistic outlet. However, after high school I put the camera down, as I no longer had access to a darkroom and all the tools that went along with it.

That was until summer of 2014, I came across grandpas old camera again. I decided that there would be no harm in running some film through it. I have not put cameras down since, here are some of the photos from those 1st few rolls of film. 

Granted, these photos are far from perfect, but it was these photos that started me back down the path of falling in love with photography all over again. That feeling of having an artistic outlet returned to me, being able to show my own interpretation of the world surrounding me. 

It was soon after that I decided to purchase my 1st real digital camera and further pursue this new found passion.